March 26, 2018

This weekend was remembering Palm Sunday, and Palm Sunday is a party! We celebrate Jesus because He is special. He is God’s Son. When the people heard He was coming to town, they were excited and they yelled, “Hosanna! Hosanna!” The word Hosanna means save us.  They said this because Jesus was helping them and doing amazing things.  They wanted to praise Him, and they wanted Him to keep helping them. That’s why they shouted “hosanna” on Palm Sunday, and why your preschool may be saying it this week too!

This Month’s Memory Verse

Come (motion toward yourself with hand), and follow me, (march) Jesus said (hands to mouth like yelling).  Matthew 4:19 (open your hands like a book)

Parents, Please click HERE for a fun video to use as another tool to help your preschooler remember this month’s memory verse.

Parent Cue:

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Click below for the direct link to the Ada Bible Church playlist or to purchase the songs your kids are singing! In March, we are singing: I Can Do All Things, Talk to God, My Friend Forever, We Can Talk to Jesus


A gadget is a specific tool which coincides with the Bible lessons, bottom lines, or memory verse each month.  These gadgets are given to aide in the preschooler’s retention of the Bible lessons from church to home.  Click below to read more about March’s Gadget!