Parent Connect | August 20, 2017

We look forward to getting back to normal programming but we are in need of volunteers! Please consider volunteering.

NEW SERVICE TIMES: Reminder that Kentwood and Knapp St. will start Saturday services at 5:30 PM starting August 27th, 2017


This Week We’re Discovering James 2:1-4, 8-9

In Ephesians 6:1-3, Paul writes about God’s clear instruction to honor our parents. But he wasn’t the first one in the Bible to say this. Moses said this way back in Deuteronomy 5:16 when God’s people were entering the promised land. Honoring one’s parents is foundational to showing respect to God.

Bottom Line: You respect God when you respect your parents.

Showing respect to our parents can be difficult, but it is something God wants us to do.  Since God put us in our families, we pray that our kids will start to understand how respecting their parents is related to how they can show respect to God. And He can help us respect them even when it’s difficult.

Click the link below to connect to the video story from this weekend: http://studio252.tv/fun2watch

Click here for another fun way to learn the memory verse!


 God Time Card:

Godtime Cards are now together with the Family Talk and are given in a packet.  You receive the entire month all at once. This is similar to BTW for adults, but for your kids!


Do you know what songs your kids are singing this month? You can listen or purchase the music your child will be singing this month.


Our widget this month is the kazoo. As your child takes it home, when they use it or when you hear it, remind them what worshipping daily in our lives means. Send us a picture or story of how your child is using it this month!