Parent Connect | August 6, 2017

Discovery Village launch weekend is September 9th and 10th.  We are looking for volunteers to join our team this year.

NEW SATURDAY SERVICE TIME’S for Knapp St. and Kentwood Campus begins on August 27th. The new time is 5:30. Please join us for service in a more relaxed DV atmosphere and lower ratios in classrooms.


This Week We’re Discovering

We started the month in Matthew 8:5-13 where we find a Roman Commander. The commander was in charge of his men, who did whatever he told them to do.  Yet, when his servant became seriously ill, he realized that he wasn’t in charge anymore. He had no power over his servant’s health. He respected that Jesus had authority to heal his servant and had faith He could do it. Jesus honors the centurion’s faith and heals the servant.

Bottom Line: Show respect to God because He’s in charge of everything.

Our respect begins and ends
with how we respond to the all-powerful creator of the universe. Our respect for others flows from how we understand God’s power over the world.

Click the link below to connect to the video story from this weekend:


This Month’s Memory Verse

Click here for another fun way to learn the memory verse!


God Time Card:

Godtime Cards are now together with the Family Talk and are given in a packet. You receive the entire month all at once. This is similar to BTW for adults, but for your kids!


Do you know what songs your kids are singing this month? You can listen or purchase the music your child will be singing this month.


Our widget this month is the kazoo. As your child takes it home, when they use it or when you hear it, remind them what worshipping daily in our lives means. Send us a picture or story of how your child is using it this month!