Parent Connect | July 23, 2017

Wow – what a story this past weekend.  One day when Paul was teaching, Lydia was in the crowd and heard the story of Jesus.  Lydia knew who God was but had never knew Jesus or his love for her.  Not only did Lydia become a Christ follower but she told her whole family about Jesus and because of Paul’s obedience to spreading the gospel and Lydia’s excitement for spreading the good news, her whole family became followers of Jesus.  What does this mean for us today?  For starters, who are we supposed to tell about Jesus?  Pray about who that person is and then act this week.



This Week We’re Discovering

Next, we head to Acts 16:11-15 and meet a woman named Lydia. Paul and Silas were traveling around and telling people about Jesus. In the city of Philippi, they headed down to the city riverbank where they thought they’d find people worshipping God. While they were there they met Lydia, a wealthy business owner. Lydia used her gift of hospitality to make Paul and Silas feel welcomed. She used her gifts to help others feel loved.

Bottom Line: God made you to love others. God has given each of us gifts that we can use to show love to others. We pray that kids will realize that part of what it means to be created in God’s image includes reflecting His love to the people in the world around them.

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This Month’s Memory Verse

God has a plan for each of us. He invites us into the work He’s been doing in the world since the beginning of time to bring people to Him. God made us to be part of that!

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God Time Card:

Godtime Cards are now together with the Family Talk and are given in a packet.  You receive the entire month all at once. This is similar to BTW for adults, but for your kids!


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Let the fun come alive with these foldable blueprints as your kids build foundational truths into their own hearts. These blueprints unfold into a daily journal that can be used during prayer time. With these, your child will have their very own place to journal and put our daily Gadgets & Gizmos stickers.