February 11, 2018

Jesus Has Dinner with Zacchaeus  Luke 19:1-10

This weekend we learned about the story of Jesus and Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus had a pretty important job. He was a tax collector. That meant he had to collect money from everyone in town. Now, this worked great until Zacchaeus started to become greedy. You see, he wanted to keep some of the money for himself. But Jesus still wanted to be with Zacchaeus even though he did something wrong. In fact, that’s what we’re learned all about: Jesus loves us even when we do something wrong!

This Month’s Memory Verse

“Love each other (give yourself a big hug) as I (point up with both fingers) have loved you (bring fingers down and point all over the room at all the kids)” John 15:12 (hold hands open like a book)

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Parent Cue:

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