February 25, 2018

Jesus Forgives Peter John 21: 15-17

Peter was one of Jesus’ friends, and he promised Jesus that he would admit that him and Jesus’ were friends no matter what, even if people made fun him! Unfortunately, when the time came for Peter to stand up for Jesus and admit that they were friends, Peter couldn’t do it. He denied knowing Jesus three times! But Jesus did something pretty amazing: he forgave Peter and they became friends again. This weekend we learned that He loves us no matter what and wants to be our friend forever. We learned that Jesus loves everyone!

This Month’s Memory Verse

“Love each other (give yourself a big hug) as I (point up with both fingers) have loved you (bring fingers down and point all over the room at all the kids)” John 15:12 (hold hands open like a book)

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Parent Cue:

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