July 14, 2019

Bible Story: Acts 12:1-19 records an incredible moment where faithfulness showed up big time. Peter faithfully served God and preached the message of Jesus. The church faithfully prayed for Peter while he was in prison. God was faithful to Peter and sent an angel to help him escape. The believers could hardly believe what happened, but everyone praised God for his faithfulness.

Bottom Line: Be faithful so others can count on you. Faithfulness will look different for each of us. Some of us will be faithful to family members who need encouragement. Others will faithfully help friends who struggle a bit. We hope kids learn that when they are faithful to others, God can do some amazing things through them.

Key Question: How can you be someone people can count on? As kids start to discover the complexities of relationships, we can help them see that how they support others is important. This week, help your child brainstorm ways they can be faithful to the people in their lives. Everyone needs someone they can depend on, and we each have the chance to be that person for someone in our life.

Extra Memory Verse: “The Lord loves us very much. So we haven’t been completely destroyed. His loving concern never fails. His great love is new every morning. Lord, how faithful you are!” Lamentations 3:22-23, NIrV

This Month’s Memory Verse

Be sure to check out this month’s memory verse!  Get started now in helping your child learn the verse and have them say it for their small group leader on the weekend.

GodTime Card:

GodTime cards are available each month and are a tool to assist parents as they help their child have “God Time” each week. Here’s how: There are four different devotions on each GodTime card. Each one is designed to be done on a different day. Click HERE to see this month’s GodTime card!


A Widget is a cool, concrete, take-home item for families to use. This item is given to elementary students each month.  It will aid in reminding them what is taught in DV on the weekend and assist in the retention of the Bible lessons as kids grow in Christ. Click HERE to see July’s Widget!

Music: This month we’re singing: All I Need, Better Than the Best, Good Always, Live Differently, Raise the Game, and Unshakeable in DV. You can find them, plus additional DV worship songs, HERE.