July 14, 2019


Bible Story: This week we heard an amazing story about how Peter’s friends showed him how much they loved him by being FAITHFUL to pray for him. They didn’t give up, and their faithfulness paid off when God miraculously rescued Peter from jail!

Story Focus: When Jesus is your friend, He gives you the power to be faithful. Jesus helps us be faithful and stick to it!

“I can do (point both thumbs to chest) everything (spread arms wide) by the power (muscle arms) of Christ.” (point both hands up)
Philippians 4:13 (hold hands open like a book)

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GodTime Pack:

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This month we’re singing Power Up, Talk to God, Everybody Sing, Yes Jesus Loves Me, Thank You Lord, and L-O-V-E in DV. You can find them, plus additional DV worship songs, HERE.