March 4, 2018 Blog

The Story

We start the month in Genesis 13: 5-18.  God blessed Abram and his nephew Lot, with a large amount of flocks and herds-so many that the land they were on couldn’t sustain all of them.  The workers on each side were not getting along.  Abram and Lot knew it was time to separate.  Although God had promised Abram the land of Canaan and had a right to take whatever he wanted, Abram allowed Lot to choose first.  Abram leg go of the best land in order to make peace with his family.

Bottom Line: Prove you care more about others by letting go of “what’s fair”.  Sometimes choosing peace means letting go of what we want or our perception of ourselves.  Preserving the relationship is more important then protecting our own sense of fairness.

This Month’s Memory Verse

Be sure to check out this month’s memory verse!  Get started now in helping your child learn the verse and have them say it for their small group leader on the weekend.

GodTime Card:

GodTime cards are available each month and are a tool to assist parents as they help their child have “God Time” each week. Here’s how:  There are four different devotions on each GodTime card. Each one is designed to be done on a different day. Click below to see this week’s GodTime card.


Do you know what songs your kids are singing this month? Click below to listen or purchase the music your child will be singing this month.


A Widget is a cool, concrete, take-home item for families to use. This item is given to elementary students each month.  It will aid in reminding them what is taught in DV on the weekend and assist in the retention of the Bible lessons as kids grow in Christ. Click below to read more about March’s Widget!