November 2019

Week 1 – November 2/3

Bible Story: Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz | Ruth 1-2 

Story Focus: I can thank God for my family. Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz were so thankful for the family God gave them. When you go from no family to lots of family, you start bubbling with thanks! 

Week 2 – November 9/10

Bible Story: David and Jonathan | 1 Samuel 18:1-4

Story Focus: I can thank God for my friends. We can read about two great friends, David and Jonathan, in the Bible. They cared for one another and even shared their things. 

Week 3 – November 16/17

Bible Story: Manna | Exodus 16

Story Focus: I can thank God for food. If we could talk to Moses and the Israelites as they ate their manna, they would be sure to remind us to bubble with thanks for having plenty to eat! 

Week 4 – November 23/24

Bible Story: The Ten Lepers | Luke 17: 11-19

Story Focus: I can say thank you. Even if we’re the only one, we want to be that one who remembers to say thank you–just like the one leper who said thank you after Jesus had healed ten of them. This story reminds us that most people are not bubbling with thanks, so we need to choose to be the ones who do. 

Memory Verse:

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A widget is a specific tool which coincides with the Bible lessons, bottom lines, or memory verse each month.  These widgets are given to aide in the preschooler’s retention of the Bible lessons from church to home.  Click HERE to see November’s Widget! Our widget this month is bubbles! This will help kids remember to BUBBLE over with thankfulness to God for their families, friends, food and everything.


This month we’re singing Everybody Sing, We Can Praise, and Thank You, Lord in DV. You can find them, plus additional DV worship songs, HERE.