Parent Connect | July 30, 2017

Parents,  The “Do Good Challenge” charts should be filling up.  I hope you’ve found these to be helpful in having your child complete task and possibly try a new little chore that has helped you. Preschoolers Rock!  Be sure to keep going and fill up your chart.  If you did not get a “Do Good Challenge” chart and would like to start this challenge, please see your coordinator at your campus. Enjoy!



The Story

1 TIMOTHY 4:12

A review of Kids Rock ending with Timothy encouraging the reader to not let anyone think less of them because they are young.

Throughout the summer, our preschoolers were introduced to people in the Bible who did amazing things while they were still kids. They rocked because they did what God wanted them to do, and our preschoolers can do that too.

In June,  we heard the stories of Jesus in the temple, young Samuel learning to listen to God, and two stories of young David. In July, Daniel, Miriam, Josiah, a young boy and his lunch. On the final weekend of July, we will review the Bible stories of these great young Bible kids who rocked. The kids will be making a windsock as an activity to remind them about the cool Bible stories and awesome kids in the Bible. Be sure to help your child hang this in their room or someplace you can talk about the stories again.


This Month’s Memory Verse

Bible Memory Verse With Motions:

We work together to serve God. 1Corinthians 3:9a

“We (gesture out with big arms to everyone) work together (pound fists on top of each other) to serve (hands held out and kneel) God (stand and point up)! (holds hands open like a book) I Corinthians 3:9a

Parents, Please click HERE for a fun video to use as another tool to help your preschooler remember this month’s memory verse.

This last weekend of July the 4-5-year-olds will have the opportunity to say the memory verse to their teacher for a small reward. Be sure to practice together.

Parent Cue:

Please take some time to check out this month’s new extended activities. We’re here to partner with you and offer suggestions to extend the Bible lesson throughout the week. Please click HERE to take advantage of the additional activities and articles that will enhance your preschooler’s spiritual growth!


CLICK HERE for the direct link to the Ada Bible Church playlist or to purchase the songs your kids are singing! In July, we are singing: How Do I Know, Kids Rock, Shout, Talk to God, Plan for Me, Love