September 2019


Week 1 – August 31/September 1

Bible Story: This week we will introduce our preschoolers to the idea of creation and that God made everything. We will then review days one and two of creation. 

Story Focus: On days one and two, God made the light and dark and sky and water. God made the light and the dark so we could have day and night. Then, He created the beautiful sky and the waters below. 

Week 2 – September 7/8

Bible Story: We continue with creation in week two and introduce what God made on day three of creation. 

Story Focus: On day three, God made the land, plants, and sea. God created land to separate the waters. On the land, He created beautiful plants—some we even eat! 

Week 3 – September 14/15

Bible Story: During week three, preschoolers will hear about day four of creation. 

Story Focus: On day four, God made the sun, moon, and stars. God created the sun to keep us warm during the day and the moon that we can see at night. He created every twinkling star in the sky. 

Week 4 – September 21/22

Bible Story: This week might be one of our preschoolers’ favorite as they learn that God made the birds, fish, and animals on days five and six of creation. 

Story Focus: On days five and six, God made the birds, fish, and animals. God didn’t just create just one kind of fish or bird. He created so many different kinds of fish and birds. And, He made so many amazing animals too. But, that’s not all God made on day six. He made people too. 

Week 5 – September 28/29

Bible Story: This week, we’ll talk more about God’s most special creation, people. 

Story Focus: On day six, God made the most special thing: people. Then He rested. God created each and every one of us, and it was VERY good. Then, on day seven of creation, God rested. 

Memory Verse:

Parents, please click HERE for a fun video to use as another tool to help your preschooler remember this month’s memory verse.

GodTime Pack:

Please take some time to check out this month’s new extended activities. We’re here to partner with you and offer suggestions to extend the Bible lesson throughout the week. Click HERE to take advantage of the additional activities and articles that will enhance your preschooler’s spiritual growth!


A widget is a specific tool which coincides with the Bible lessons, bottom lines, or memory verse each month.  These widgets are given to aide in the preschooler’s retention of the Bible lessons from church to home.  Click HERE to see September’s Widget! Our widget this month is a Creation Coloring Book! These coloring books feature all 7 days of Creation to go along with this month’s Bible stories, engaging kids’ wonder of God’s creation each day.


This month we’re singing God Made It All, God Made Me Wonderful, and Thank You, Lord in DV. You can find them, plus additional DV worship songs, HERE.